Where women interested in tech and startup meet in Berlin

One thing is for certain if you live in Berlin: You get asked many times “why Berlin” and “why not elsewhere” 😉

Jason Fell from entrepreneur.com was nice enough to ask such a question and the result is this article: “Berlin: The Startup City That’s Still Starting Up

Berlin the cit which is still a startupAnd that article is as good as any other reason to make a quick list “things women interested in tech and startups can do in Berlin”.

Of course come to the witas meetup (see sidebar for next events) or visit the Geekettes, surf meetup.com for mentions of events with women or girls. And so on. 🙂

Do you have a recommendation? Leave it in the comments!

[For everything else, I have started collecting links for itsinberlin.com, where my hope is to have a simple hub, connecting with all the other hub places out there. ;)]